AudioFraternityare please to announce our new “Video Hosting & Live Streaming” services called “AudioFraternityTube

This new service will allow us to further enhance you visual & audio experience and allow you to bring of your content to the masses.

DJ’s you can record and upload or live stream your DJ sets, Music Producers you can host live Q&A sessions with your audience or upload your tricks and tips videos teaching others how to produce music, if your a band you can also interact with your audience with live Q&A session or upload your rehearsals or live stream your gigs.

AudioFraternityLive Stream Demo


Video upload & hosted on AudioFraternityTube

The potential is endless and whilst we still in our humble beginning where hoping to provide our AudioFraternity brothers with the tools to engage with there fans on an whole new level. We building a unified audio brotherhood, we are AudioFraternity

We are currently still in Beta Stage meaning we’re still working on this service so please email your comments and feedback to [email protected] subject: Experience Feedback




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