Created on 14/03/2018

Todd Edwards is an American house and garage record producer and Grammy winner from Bloomfield, New Jersey. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Edwards’ music has been recognized as a major influence on the nascent UK garage genre in the United Kingdom in the mid 1990s.

He became known for his intensive sampling and remixing technique that involves “cross-hatching brief snatches of vocals into a melodic-percussive honeycomb of blissful hiccups,” as described by critic Simon Reynolds. Used both on his solo albums and on his remixes for other artists, this complex vocal sampling technique in some cases renders the original track almost unrecognizable.

A selection of our favourite legendary house music anthems of all time from Tuff Jam to Wookie. In no particular order this is our definitive list which we’re constantly adding to as we reminisce on the Good Vibes of House.



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