What can AudioFraternitydo for you? We give you the tools to showcase to the world your acoustic prowess via our own on in-house infrastructure we can work with your excising website or promote you on our AudioFraternity website. Whatever your needs we can accommodate in collaboration.


What are AudioFraternity Services?

We have the AFBAudioFraternity Broadcast”, this our own audio streaming servers from which we build your Online Radio Station. Using our audio streaming Servers you can reach our audience in any country in the world. whether you host your own website or you audience can find you easily using our AudioFraternity Radio Stations list, this is where you start engaging so the world can hear you.

AudioFraternity Radio Player when you sign up for AFB and host your own site we’ll send you this html player to embed in your site to get you started at no extra cost


AudioFraternityProfile Page.  This is the perfect solution for anyone as we do all the hard work. You just fill in the a simple information form telling us how you want to be know e.g. DJ or Band name, about you, etc. We’ll do the rest. We build your Audio Profile page & Radio Station. We just email you the links once were done. Then just click a button and post on your social media platforms from your audio profile page, it’s that simple. If you already have YouTube contents that’s fine just send us the links or tell us the channel name and well find it and can use it on you profile page, however this service is only with AudioFraternity™ Profile option.

AudioFraternityTube™ (Beta). We’re building our own video streaming server, you could say it’s our own YouTube backend to allow you upload your video(s) e.g. DJ sets, Band Rehearsals, Q&A Session and coming soon Live Streaming.

We can simply embed them from YouTube directly or with your permission download them and host them on our servers to embed on your Audio Profile page.  You don’t have to use YouTube anymore and I bet you thought you’d never hear or say those word. No signing up for AdSense to embed your content (depend on the service you choose from google e.g. creator studio, nightmare).

Uploaded, Hosted & Embedded from AudioFraternityTube

(disclaimer: contents not produced or own by AudioFraternity)

Advertise Your Business, Venue or Brand We know you business is very important to you whether your established or a start-up, giving your business as much exposure as possible is very important especially the right kind of exposure can go a long way. That’s why offer your business the opportunity to have you business front and centre on our homepage.

If your a promoter having one or several events that need promoting, we can accommodate or if you want a permanent fully featured banner front and centre, again we can accommodate. Check our homepage we have listed a few to showcase what we can offer you. Just get in contact with use and well discuss and get you the exposure your venture deserves.

This sound blissful what’s the catch. We charge a small fee (in some cases not all) for this services. Were not as big as google, FB, SoundCloud, etc and unlike some we would never use your data or data generated through your use to bring in capital.

We believe in revenue generate through services offered for business and musicians alike. These are our main services to help you broadcast, promote, live stream yourself to the world.

However you wish to promote yourself, we have the tools to help you build & promote your brand. 

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